Story Slams at BABS’LAB

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A story slam is a LIVE event that brings community together to listen with care to stories told from the heart.

Each month BABS’LAB carves out a safe space for storytellers to shape a 5 - 7 minute true personal story based on a THEME chosen for the evening without the use of notes.  It’s intimate. Powerful. Exciting. It’s in the NOW.


Every Story Slam event has a THEME. Audience members can prepare a story and enter their name in a hat or decide to sit back and listen. 10 names are picked from the hat. If you don't get picked, be sure to come back the next month!!

After we hear all the stories, the audience votes for their favorite story. The winner receives a gift certificate and is invited to participate in our quarterly GRAND SLAM. Grand Slammers have 10 min to tell a story. The winner will be selected by the audience and a panel of 3 judges.

Coming up! Dates& Themes for Slams.

Aug 17: That time I HAD to Improvise.
Sept 13: The Home Within
Oct 11: Mischief
Nov 15: Dirt
Dec 6: Angels & Sacrements

story Slam rules:

  • 5 min per story (there is a 2 min peace period, but please respect the time)

  • Be sure to connect the story to the prompt.

  • Tell us a story with a conflict and a resolution or lesson.

  • No notes or props. You won’t need them. It’s your story.

  • Speak from your heart and invest in what you say.

  • Remember to breathe and enjoy the opportunity to be heard.

  • Know your beginning, middle & end. Content is important but be sure to edit.

  • Please no ranting, no preaching, no politicizing. 

  • Be brave and have fun!! 

“I’m a writer… not a speaker. When my name got picked first to tell a true story in 5 minutes with no notes, my first words were “Are you kidding me?” But wow, how freeing to face my fears and stand in my truth in the company of open-minded, inspiring individuals. We need more spaces like this in the world.”
— Melissa Gopp, Author