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a place where the community witnesses work that uplifts, inspires, and informs through experimentation, training, and performance.

Upcoming Events

Come to Babs Lab for events, performances and much more!

Join us for our monthly Story Slam, Improv Classes as well as plays and other events.

What Happens at Babs Lab?

"A Wonderful space where people can connect over ideas and words spoken from the purest of hearts and the most honest of souls." ~ Erica Saffer

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BABS'LAB is a place for experimentation, training, and performance. It is a place where the community comes together to witness work that uplifts, breaks barriers, and crosses lines.

What happens here reflects the artistic sensibility of Barbara Colaciello. She believes there's nothing more powerful than being in the present moment with one another, our minds and hearts open, actively listening and sharing. Through Babs Lab, she offers this experience to the community.

Babs Lab regularly hosts performing artists who want to workshop original material. Other events at Babs Lab include: readings, dinners, improv jams, listening parties, film screenings, concerts, and private parties.  We're always coming up with new ways to use the space and engage the community.

Current Offerings:

  • Improvisation classes

  • Communication Workshops

  • Monthly Story Slams

  • One-on-one CoachinG

If you’re looking for an evening that blends cutting edge, independent performance of theater, improv, live music and visual arts in the greatest arts enclave in Jacksonville... this is the place.
— Margete Griffin, artist
Al Letson performing new work at BABS'LAB
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Improv Classes in Jacksonville.jpg

Patrons of BABS' LAB

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In the summer of 2017, we raised $13,000 to update the production capacity of Babs Lab. 188 backers contributed to the campaign. Here, we express gratitude for everyone who contributed at the $50 level and higher.

If you believe that Jacksonville needs a space where we are devoted to storytelling, where we can bear witness to one another across difference, where we can train to speak with our authentic voice, then back our work today! 

$500 Level

Cathy Driscoll

Marc McCombs


$350 Level

Jacob Danner

Jon Fine & Leslie Fine

Redgie & Holly Gutshall

Jim Wiggins & Michelle Wiggins


$250 Level

Anthony Anurca

Jennie Fernandez Beltz

Diane Brunet

Canetha Dodd

Becky Grey

Hope McMath

Kelby Siddons


$150 Level

Doug and Mary Coleman

Robin Halpin

Heather Moore

Denise Reagan

Lisa Weatherby


$100 Level

Jessica Arco

Claudia Baker

Claire Cimino

Gigi David

Kathryn Carroll Gordon

Timothy Kompanchenko

Suzanne Colaciello Mead

Princess Rashid

Deborah Reid

Alicia DeWitt Somers

Sabeen Perwaiz Syed

Jesse Wilson

Laurel Wilson 


$75 Level

Carlo Altomore

Erin Tunstill Colledge

Al Emerick

George Golden

Katrina Sbordone Lewis

Tiffany Manning

Nancy-Laurel Pettersen

Dr. Nadia Ramoutar

Margaret Sindel

Lori Tilley

Anne White

Eric Yarham


$50 Level

Allishia Baumen

Brie Burge

Marci Scott Cervone

Matt Colaciello

Elizabeth Colledge

John Donato

Christie Chandler

George Cornwell

Gary DeLena

Malia Finger

Pamela Gardener

Heather Haner

Vanessa Harper

Lana Heylock

Ron Hubbard

Rick & Leslie Kirkword

Jammie Kirlew

Karen Kurycki

Craig Leavitt

Al Letson

Calli Marie

Diane Mataraza

Dana Minyard

Peter & Susan Natale

Renee Parenteau

Jen Purcell

Nancy Purcell

Joni Roberts

Emily Moody-Rosete

Patti Peeples

Melody Shacter

Tropic of Cancer

Josh White

Steve Williams

Jennifer Wolfe