Winter Adult Story + Improv Class

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Winter Adult Story + Improv Class


Come join us at an IMPROV TO THE RESCUE Class at BABS'LAB. Limited to 12 participants in order to give individual attention.

CLASS DATES:   2/12, 2/19, 2/26, 3/5, 3/12, 3/19, 3/26

Facilitator Barbara Colaciello uses a variety of theater techniques in her process-oriented teaching of storytelling and improvisation. She’ll help you access your authentic voice and BRING IT in a big way! Most importantly it’s a time to PAUSE, PLAY, CONNECT.

What People Are Saying
Emerie Lukas reviewed Improv to the Rescue — 5 star

“I can honestly say that learning from Babs shaped me as an educator, artist, improvisor, and human. She is a force of honesty, fun, and magic - one of a kind.”

Murphy Gray reviewed Improv to the Rescue — 5 star

When I was just 8 years old & super shy, Barbara helped me to find my voice through theatre. Her amazing talent and passion for teaching others is what has kept me coming back for classes for 10+ years! The whole process of Improv to the Rescue creates a comfortable environment to experiment, learn, and grow. This class isn't just for actors- it's really for anyone looking to become a better communicator/build their improv skills. If you have the chance, I would 100% recommend trying one of these classes. Barbara is a great teacher and any of her students could tell you that she has helped them in so many ways!”

Lauren Spruiell reviewed Improv to the Rescue — 5 star

“I can not describe the gift Improv to the Rescue has given me. I used to feel down, lost, not wanting to interact with people and would shut the world out. I knew I needed something to open up to. Improv has brought me out of my shell, made me feel comfortable and excited to come to class. Barbara has a way of seeing your vision , your talent before you do and helping you achieve highest results of getting there.”

Bob Wellington reviewed Improv to the Rescue — 5 star

“What an amazing journey into self discovery Barbara's improv class has led me for the past 4 years! Life IS a matter of trust and giving and taking. I am a person that stutters and 'Improv to the Rescue' has taught me that my stutter comes from my head and not my heart. I am just in the beginning of my improv experience and plan to continue as long as life allows.”

Antoinette Spirit reviewed Improv to the Rescue — 5 star

“OH! This class and setting is so awesome to work in. Bab's is a miracle worker. She's created a space where you can not only be yourself without judgment, but you can also learn what its like to really connect with yourself and others in a deeper way. Authenticity and Joy are the two words I'd use to describe this program.”

Every moment, of every day, in every conversation, we improvise. In an IMPROV TO THE RESCUE class, you will discover how to lead, collaborate, and communicate with confidence, skill, and passion. The program trains students not only as actors for the stage but as empowered individuals in their own lives. 

FLY ON THE WALL: Classes culminate in an intimate evening of Story Sharing and Improv for friends and family on TUESDAY, 3/26 @8 PM.

IMPROV TO THE RESCUE with Barbara Colaciello
Offered as a once-weekly class over a 7 week session.

CLASS DATES:   2/12, 2/19, 2/26, 3/5, 3/12, 3/19, 3/26
TUITION: $120.00 for 6 classes
PLEASE NOTE: We offer a bonus class free of charge!! If you miss a class you will still benefit from 6 classes of instruction.

 For more info e-mail Barbara at

@BABS'LAB: CoRK Arts District North, 603 King St, Jacksonville. ( entrance on Phyllis St at the rear of the building)

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