September Story Slam Workshop

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September Story Slam Workshop


Holding yourself back from getting up at a Slam and sharing story? Do you think you’re not good at it? Walk through your fear by giving yourself a rehearsal with Babs on the stage you’ll be sharing story.

Here’s an opportunity to practice developing and honing your skills.

This quick styled 2 hour workshops is designed to get you out of your head and into your heart. You will walk away with a better understanding of HOW to SHAPE a story and bring it to life within a 5 to 7 minute slam time frame. Each class is limited to 8 players to allow for lots of participation and individual coaching.

REGISTER NOW! Explore your creative potential and enhance your story-shaping abilities.

WHEN: Monday, September 7
WHERE: BABS'LAB, 603 King St,. Jacksonville,FL  located at CoRK Art District North. Entrance to BABS'LAB in in rear of building on Phyllis St.
FEE:  $20.00

WHY IMPROVISATION? This 2 hour session is designed to build self-confidence through direct experience. Incorporating improvisation and acting games.● promote creative freedom and personal daring. ● trigger your intuition ● enable you to think fast on your feet● hone your focusing and listening skills● stimulate action, spontaneity and creativity.

This kind of work creates sacred space — a space to pause, listen to your heart, trust, play and share. 

BABS’LAB is that kind of space.


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