IMPROV to the RESCUE ~ End of Year

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IMPROV to the RESCUE ~ End of Year


Register NOW for our END OF YEAR IMPROV TO THE RESCUE 2019 Session at BABS'LAB, a safe space to PAUSE, PLAY, & CONNECT.

CLASS DATES:  Nov. 5, 12, 19, 26 Dec. 3
TUITION: $100.00 for 5 classes
FLY ON THE WALL: Session culminates in an intimate evening of Story Sharing and Improv for friends and family on TUESDAY, 12/3 @8 PM.

Facilitator Barbara Colaciello uses a variety of theater and improvisation games/ techniques in her process-oriented acting labs. In an IMPROV TO THE RESCUE class you will discover how to lead, collaborate, and communicate with confidence, skill, and passion. The program trains a diverse range of students not only as actors for the stage but as empowered individuals in their own lives. 

Designed to build self-confidence through direct experience classes will:

• engage your whole instrument from the toes up
• trigger your intuition enabling you to think fast on your feet
• hone your focusing and listening skills
• teach you to be in the moment while simultaneously propelling your message
• connect to your emotional instrument

For more information please e-mail Barbara at

@BABS'LAB: CoRK Arts District North, 603 King St, Jacksonville. ( entrance on Phyllis St at the rear of the building)

What People Are Saying
Emerie Lukas reviewed Improv to the Rescue — 5 star

“I can honestly say that learning from Babs shaped me as an educator, artist, improvisor, and human. She is a force of honesty, fun, and magic - one of a kind.”

Murphy Gray reviewed Improv to the Rescue — 5 star

When I was just 8 years old & super shy, Barbara helped me to find my voice through theatre. Her amazing talent and passion for teaching others is what has kept me coming back for classes for 10+ years! The whole process of Improv to the Rescue creates a comfortable environment to experiment, learn, and grow. This class isn't just for actors- it's really for anyone looking to become a better communicator/build their improv skills. If you have the chance, I would 100% recommend trying one of these classes. Barbara is a great teacher and any of her students could tell you that she has helped them in so many ways!”

Lauren Spruiell reviewed Improv to the Rescue — 5 star

“I can not describe the gift Improv to the Rescue has given me. I used to feel down, lost, not wanting to interact with people and would shut the world out. I knew I needed something to open up to. Improv has brought me out of my shell, made me feel comfortable and excited to come to class. Barbara has a way of seeing your vision , your talent before you do and helping you achieve highest results of getting there.”

Bob Wellington reviewed Improv to the Rescue — 5 star

“What an amazing journey into self discovery Barbara's improv class has led me for the past 4 years! Life IS a matter of trust and giving and taking. I am a person that stutters and 'Improv to the Rescue' has taught me that my stutter comes from my head and not my heart. I am just in the beginning of my improv experience and plan to continue as long as life allows.”

Antoinette Spirit reviewed Improv to the Rescue — 5 star

“OH! This class and setting is so awesome to work in. Bab's is a miracle worker. She's created a space where you can not only be yourself without judgment, but you can also learn what its like to really connect with yourself and others in a deeper way. Authenticity and Joy are the two words I'd use to describe this program.”

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