Life on the Diagonal

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Life on the Diagonal


“Probably the most authentic piece of theatre I've ever seen. ~ Daniel Austin

“Barbara Colaciello's "Life on the Diagonal" was wonderful. Inspired by her courage, intensity, and humor. Brava!”  ~ Hope McMath

“Beautiful, brilliant, and funny.”  ~ Al Letson

BABS'LAB is proud to present “Life on the Diagonal", a deliciously quirky evening of storytelling through monologues, original music, and poetry. Written and performed by Barbara Colaciello,this one-woman show celebrates life’s mysteries and imperfections with humor, sexuality and a little A.D.D. madness.

Williams’ steers us on a bumpy ride that weaves and diverges from her Italian Catholic upbringing in New York to her present incarnation as a mother, caregiver, and artist in North Florida. Along the way, fueled by her vocabulary of self-definition, she takes her listeners on an intense, yet funny journey through an experience-strewn landscape, into and beyond the “land of should”.


Where: BABS'LAB, 603 King St. Jacksonville, Fl  Located at CoRK Art District North. Entrance on Phyllis St. between fence and palm tree.  Parking

When: Friday, April 21

Time: 8:00 pm.

Admission: $15.00

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