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Our mission is to PROMOTE creative freedom and personal exploration through the process of improvisation training.


Develop your storytelling & Improv skills with Babs!

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Story Shaping: Learn to find your voice and share your story. Fall and spring classes available. Our focus is to EMBRACE “play” to find our voices and discover our material, DEVELOP as storytellers, public speakers, and leaders, and CONNECT to the community through the power of the arts.

Improv Classes: In an IMPROV TO THE RESCUE class you will discover how to lead, collaborate, and communicate with confidence, skill, and passion. The program trains students not only as actors for the stage but as empowered individuals in their own lives. Classes culminate in an storytelling and improv performance for friends and family. 

Facilitator: Barbara Colaciello uses a variety of theater techniques in her process-oriented teaching of storytelling and improvisation. She’ll help you access your authentic voice and BRING IT in big way!


Learn Bab-u-lous techniques to improve your communication!

Students, artists, business leaders come together to learn the art of improvisation. These workshops are great for individuals or teams looking to improve their communication skills.


GET BAB-tized!

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Book a one hour in-person or Skype COACHING session with Barbara Colaciello, “Babs”. Babs works with individuals from a wide range of professions, from playwrights to artists to lawyers to educators to business leaders to hone their communication, presentation, and leadership skills through improvisation.

For More ways to work with Babs Visit: BaBS’Lab

“The workshop had the effect of stripping away the rhetorical window dressing for several speakers, and so led them to be more honest about what it really was, deep down, that they wanted to say.  Thank you for helping our speakers reach this place of candor and insight.”
— Dr. Paul Hendrickson Professor of Speech Communication and Philosophy FSCJ

What can improv do for you?

"Jacksonville is really lucky to have Barbara living and working within its borders."

"Working with Barbara is like a catalyst. I'm exploring things that I'm 100% sure I wouldn't be exploring if it weren't for her."

"I'm a percussionist ... Barbara's class really opened me up to the idea of getting out from behind instruments."

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